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Once you surf with Surfer Bear Hawaii, you are family (ohana.) This is what our ohana has to say…

Hi Bear! Two months ago today I had the thrill of surfing with you and I think with Jeff. It was amazing, thrilling and intense! I so loved it.  I’ll definitely do it again, I hope with you again in Kona. The whole day was magical…walking alone on the beach later I had the gift of seeing 8 sea turtles, a rainbow and a glorious sunset that day.   As I sit here in Buffalo, with the snow and wind blowing, 28 degrees, I can’t help but travel in my mind and heart to the gorgeous Big Island.  Thanks again for a fantastic time in the surf.  Be well…
Jo-Anne B  Buffalo NY

Hey Barry & Jeff – Greetings from the South!  We just wanted to let you guys know how much we terribly miss the >Big Island and the best surf instructors ever (Barry & Jeff).  We also want to let you know what a fantastic time we had with you both.  You are so positive and excited about what you do that it is  just awesome to be around you guys.  Thanks again for all the great advice, instruction, fruit, nuts and just all around excellent time. We will always be listening for “we got action” and waiting “on the sweet spot” All your instruction and postive attitude meant so much to us.  If you are ever remotely in or near the South, please call
us and know you have a home south, north, east and west of the Mason-Dixon Line…”For real” as we say here.  We hope to hear great things about a possible surf camp in Costa Rica or Kona soon.  Much Love – Kevin, Suz, Riley & Jack –Waxhaw, NC

Hey Surfer Bear, it’s Colton Gombots.  I don’t know if you remember me, but you taught me and my brother Ken about a week ago.  First of all, I would like to say I loved it, I’m already looking up surfing sites, and trying to learn all about it.  Our trip to Hawaii was awesome, but I have to say that surfing with you, Misty, and Jeff was my most memorable part. Unfortunately the only thing I’m missing out of the trip was a picture of you three, I completely forgot until a couple hours after, and by then you were gone. so if you could send me a pic of you Misty and Jeff, and would be very cool. I’m already planning my trip next year. We will be staying in Kona this time, and you will defiantly be hearing from me. once again I want to thank you for an awesome time, and I will see ya next year.   –Colton

Hey Surfer Bear, I just wanted to thank you very much for your kind attention to Carly this morning!  She had an absolutely wonderful and awesome time!  You have such a gift of kindness and generosity of spirit.  I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you did.  It was a pleasure to meet you.  Take care, Michelle

Aloha Bear, There is no need to thank me at all, yourself, Jeff and Scott made a pretty nervous wanna be surfer very happy. I had such a great morning, I can’t begin to tell you, it was everything I was hoping it would be and more, and thankfully as addictive as I was hoping, I’ve already made plans for hitting the beaches of Devon in the UK when I get back….not the big waves of Newquay that you saw in the mags, but my friend has a place in a little bay called Croyde and the surf is pretty good down there especially for beginners.

All I need to do now is work on the upper body strength a bit (trust me when I get home I’ll be doing a few lengths of the pool just using the old arms) I can’t believe just how tight my shoulders are feeling today…like crazy tight. But then again that’s what you get for sitting behind a desk all day.

I’ll send you another e-mail with a testimonial on as you guys were as I said just awesome yesterday, your patience was unreal and I never felt pushed into anything I wasn’t ready for. As Jeff said yesterday, it was all about the pop up and the glide in and I think I managed that a couple of times so I’ve gotta be happy right?

Depending how the arms bear up I might try and squeeze another lesson in before I go back, I’m really serious about keeping up with this now I’ve started….(I’ve even started pricing up some longboards back in  the UK!!)

Just one other quick question (apart from Kona boys as I know their range was pretty limited) are there any other decent surf shops nearby where I could get myself some half decent board shorts???

Thanks again Bear for helping me cross one thing off my list of things to do!!  (As I say I’ll email over a testimonial for you too)  Many Mahalos   — Rob

If you do one thing in Kona during your stay make sure that it is taking a Surf lesson with Surfer Bear. Bear and his guys really are the best in the business. Their knowledge of the water and know how will have you catching your first wave a lot sooner than you expect, trust me……I had my first taste of surfing yesterday with these guys and it’s an experience I will never forget. From the safety briefing through almost 2.5 hours in the water followed by possibly some of the best pineapple  I’ve ever tasted  (thanks Jeff) all made for one of the best mornings I have had in a long time. Nothing was too much for Bear, Jeff or Scott and they made sure that myself and the group I was with were able to take full advantage of their experience as they had us all up and surfing in next to no time. There are some things in life money can’t buy and the feeling of catching your first wave is one of them let alone your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th………..thanks guys for making a dream become a reality.  —Rob Henderson – London -UK.

“Surfer Bear is the best surfing instructor. His attention to safety is impeccable. His surfing skills and approach to having fun while teaching makes him the instructor of choice. Can’t wait to get back to Kona for more…” Mike Ng, San Jose CA.

My son and I have taken surfing lessons in many different locations including California and Hawaii. Our surfing lessons with surfer Bear were the best ever. He taught my ten year old daughter to surf on her first try. My son, age 14, got personalized attention from Bear to tune up his intermediate skills. I am 47. Bear improved my form and wave catching abilities. It was thrilling to “step into liquid” alongside such a superb instructor who was attentive throughout the lesson.  Surfer Bear was encouraging, thoughtful and fun! We highly recommend Surfer Bear as your “Kona connection” to the best surfing lessons ever! MEC, Boston, MA USA

“Mahalo Plenty for Teaching Us All To Surf and Helping Us to feel safe at All Times”. The Students and Staff of the International School of Bangkok.

Bear, I know every day is Ocean day, but I want to honor this day by thanking you. You were instrumental in getting me stoked on surfing. Now my wife, baby, friend Maki (bun in the sun), and so many other beautiful people. (Past, present, and future!) A million mahalo’s to you, brother! Sean, Shoko, & Sea Biscuit (in the oven)

Hey Bear;
I hope all is well with you and The Kody. All my kids have talked about is the surfing at the Big Island and how much fun they had with you and The Kody. Thanks again, we had a great time. If you are ever in South Texas remember you have friends here. Rob

P.S. Love your “surferbear” logo, I have another daughter named Teddie, & a house full of Teddy Bears , & a husband called Ted. I have a Hula Teddy Bear in my collection, but no SurferBear, do you have one to sell to your students ? Let me know, I’d love to buy one.

Hi Berry,
I just wanted to say hi and thank you! I didn’t forget surfing and I’m still dreaming about! That was the best part of my vacation! Thank you again for teaching me surf it was so much fun and I enjoyed every moment! –Melita

Aloha Surfer Bear,
I want to thank you for a pleasurable memory of my first time surfing. Your explanations of the edicate, fundamentals of surfing, surf break @ Kahalu’u Beach Park and how it compares to other locations were outstanding. The fact I was able to stand up and ride the first wave I have ever attempted is a testament to your knowledge and ability to convey the principles of surfing. I appreciate you towing me around with your big toe when I got tired after a ? hour in the surf and overall fun approach to teaching the joys of surfing. The views on the water that day were epic and will always be with me. Thank you for such a great time, should you every make it to the Monterey Bay Area of California please contact me.  Aloha from Monterey California

Hey it’s Abigail! You taught me to surf last Friday (the 13th)! I’m back to Virginia and back at college and wishing I was still in the warmth of the Kona coast. I think I might have been bitten by the surf bug :). Thanks again for the lesson! See you later! ~Abigail

Thanks for the great times—I’ll be back. …or we will see you on Montauk. Come visit when you are ready to take on the waves of the North East. Until then, Winegeek

Hey Surfer Bear!
Wanted to thank you again for the great experience and for your extreme friendliness, laid back attitude and overwhelming hospitality. You really were the essence of Hawaii for us. We played the surf video for 2 sets of grandparents last night and they were all quite impressed. Made for a very fun Easter.  It’s tough returning to the mainland and the grind but I guess we had to do it.  Please send along a big “Aloha” to Roland and Kai. They were great too.  We all look forward to seeing you next time we head to the islands. Mahalo, Mik

(Girl scouts surfing)
Hi Surfer Bear! Aloha and many mahalos to you and Jenny for your help. We love you and have great surf memories and want more! Photo is Brisa alone and with Jenny and group. (Brisa is my daughter). More photos to come. Take care, Aloha, Shannon

Aloha Barry,
This is Shannon Speier’s Mom writing to you, & just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your time & patience when you instructed Makani & I. I’m sure having to deal with an almost 12 year old, & and “old gal” like me wasn’t one of your best situations. Ha!  It was a fantastic day for me however Barry, & with all my years as a Red Cross Swimming instructor, & being in the water, I still don’t understand WHY I had never tried surfing with a board before, only body surfed. So, I’m very happy Shannon set up our lesson with you, & even though I wasn’t able to stand, I was very comfortable on my knees, & LOVED IT. Guess I’m about 60 years tooooo late, but that’s life!  Shannon got some good snap shots with her water camera, & you took some good ones using it, & I have a few dry land ones with my camera, so we’ll be happy to share with you. Think Shannon was getting some photos ready to get to you soon.  Mahalo again Barry, our morning with you was the HIGHLIGHT of my visit.   –Junie Speier (age 82)